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Troika Balalaikas - Description

From the Steppes to the Caucasus, the Kremlin to the Crimean, the Troika Balalaikas brings you music from the heart of the vast Russian continent.  This unique ensemble performs on balalaikas (3-stringed triangular instrument) and domras (round-bodied stringed instrument) ranging from small to enormous.  An assortment of authentic percussion and indigenous wind instruments rounds out this time-honored music. Singing in the Russian and Ukrainian languages and donning traditional garb, the ensemble recreates a sense of old world history of the Russian people.

The ensemble formed in San Francisco and began a touring career spanning the United States and Canada.  After releasing two albums (Troika Balalaikas and Standing Room Only), they moved to Atlanta, Georgia and debuted a third album – Russian Carousel.   Current members of the group are Lynn McConnell (director/founding member), alto balalaika; Gregory Carageorge (founding member), contra-bass balalaika; David Cooper, prima balalaika, domra, wind, and percussion; Angelina Galashenkova-Reed, prima domra.

In addition to performing concerts for universities, arts councils, festivals, and community centers, the ensemble has an extensive program for schools. This includes lively participation by the students and an available study guide for the teachers.

The Troika Balalaikas will thrill your audiences with their musical virtuosity, colorful costumes, and authentic singing, recreating the excitement of Russian folk melodies and rhythms.


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