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Troika Balalaikas - Program

Sample Program
(subject to change)

Dave Cooper - prima balalaika, domra, vocals
Lynn McConnell - alto balalaika, vocals
Gregory Carageorge - contra-bass balalaika, vocals
Simo Tesla, accordion, vocals


Tosca Po Rodine - Dreaming of Homeland

Katyusha - Katherine
"As my cherished man defends our homeland at the battlefront, I shall defend our love at home."

Russian Carousel                    Victor Dmitriev
This piece exemplifies a modern-day musical style.

Pri Dolinushke - Near the Valley       Arr. A. Shalov

Oy Chorna Ya Vsi Chorna - Oh you dark-eyed girl.
            Ukkrainian love song featuring the Dva Dyensivka, which is a double flute.

Gari, Gari!  Burn, Burn, Gypsy Love!

The Hills of Manchuria              

American March -                           arr. V. Andreev

Yablachka - Russian Sailor's Dance.  From the Gliere's Red Poppy

Marusia - Traditional Cossack song.





Ural Mountain Dance - Traditional dance melody

Kak Pad Yablonkoi – Under the Apple Tree

Hungarian Csdardas - Featuring Valerie Poimenov on bayan

Balalaika Solo – Featuring Dave Cooper on prima balalaika

Ruski Na Pyevie (Russian Songs), followed by Zagrai, Moya Valinka (Play My Bagpipe)

Romanian Rhapsody  (The Lark)        Ionesco

Korobeiniki – The Peddlar’s Pack

Theme from Dr. Zhivago

Dve Guitari - Two Guitars

Vo Kuznitze - At the Blacksmith's shop.


            Formed in 1978 in San Francisco, the Troika Balalaikas are now based in Atlanta with founding member Lynn McConnell and current members, Dave Cooper, Gregory Carageorge, and Simo Tesla.   The ensemble has toured extensively across the United States and Canada and has produced three recordings.

CD’s and tapes will be on sale at intermission and the end of the concert.

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