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Moscow Nights

Moscow Nights - All about Russia - Virtual education program and performance

Moscow Nights - Virtual educational online Presentation

All about Russia 

This is a 6-minute showcase that reflects a 60-minute educational, virtual program available for students K-12 and college.

The topics available from Moscow Nights for lectures and performances include traditional and classical music, traditions and culture, geography, political systems, costumes, food, folk instruments, language/alphabet, and fun and interesting facts.  Demonstration of musical instruments and interaction with audience is also included.

1. Zoom presentation with musicians - live

2. Pre-recorded 1-hour program with all of the topics listed above.


Available for School Residencies and Performances

Award Winning Folk Ensemble From Russia

Moscow Nights is an exciting, versatile trio of world recognized, prize-winning musicians from Russia. In sixteen years, recorded CDs & Videos available, the ensemble, now based in Raleigh, NC, has established themselves as one of the most popular folk groups in the United States. These classically trained artists first took Western Europe by storm and now have brought their dazzling, toe-tapping music to North America.

The repertoire is centered on masterpieces of Russian folklore and represents the diversity of the culture, ranging from gently humorous songs, to elaborate lyrical outwardly reserved and cool but brimming with vigor, mischievousness and vibrancy inside.

The concerts have the air of a spontaneous impromptu performance, a coming together to make music, which is one of the hallmarks of folk music. But don't be fooled by the apparent ease. These musicians work hard, researching, rehearsing, and arranging behind the scenes to preserve the rich traditions of a culture that was almost lost. The result is a carefully crafted music, which honors the past but which, like life, moves on and develops. The old folk melodies are respected and treated as the raw material for quality musical performances.

Moscow Night's lively program presents an authentic picture of Russian folk traditions and culture. Lilting Balalaikas, dynamic Bayan Accordion, unique Treshotky & Loshky, humorous Dances, and superb Vocals combine for an exhilarating and educational performance for audiences of all ages!

"Moscow Nights residency services are both engaging and entertaining. Vitaliy and company did a terrific job adapting their outreach mini-concerts to serve diverse market segments which ranged from urban 4th graders to rural library patrons. Each service was marked with humor and artistic excellence and audience participation was invited and impossible to resist. Our Moscow Nights “capstone concert” garnered rave reviews from our audience and we are already contemplating a return engagement."

Steven J. Schmidt
Rochester Civic Music Center
Riverside Concerts and Educational Residency
General Manager


"...toe-tapping is an understatement...several audience members left their seats to dance down the auditorium aisles!...their charm and affable spirit brought new heights to audience participation."
- Balalaika and Domra Association of America




Moscow Nights Tours with Dancers. From Russia, Georgia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Ukraine and more...


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Paganini - Caprice (Balalaika) Scarlatti (Bayan) Waltz with Humor (Contra Bass)
Korobeiniki (Traditional) French Waltz (Bayan) Quadrille (Insrumental)
Hlopushki - (Dance on the Chair) Utushka Lugovaya (Bayan) Just Kidding
Kalinka (Traditional) Karelo-Finskaya Polka Hungarian Chardash
Steps - Shagi Oh, Susanna Lora's Theme (Doctor Zhivago)
Tonkaya Rebina (Lyric) Mozart - Turkish March Valenki (Folk Variations)
Varenichki - (Kassak's Medley) Baso Ostinata (Jazz)
Sound Tracks
Quadrille Flight of the BumbleBee Beryozka
Mozart - Turkish March Cossack Song - Varinka Saratovskie Perebori
Hungarian Chardash Kalinka Lora's Theme

Selected Performance Venues
Good Will Games, St. Petersburg, Russia
Denver Center for the Performing Arts, Denver, CO
House of Composers, Moscow, Russia
United Nations, New York
Music in Mission, Lincoln, NE
Ohio State University, OH
FolkFest, Austria
Lakeside Concert Association, Lakeside, OH


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