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Hotlanta Dixieland Jazz

Hotlanta, a six-piece Dixieland jazz band from Atlanta, Georgia, recreates the sounds of jazz as heard during the early decades of this century in New Orleans. Using clarinet, cornet, trombone, banjo, tuba and drums, they bring to life old favorites like Royal Garden Blues, South, Riverboat Shuffle, Fidgety Feet and of course, the classic, When the Saints Go Marchin' In. Palmer Wood, in Atlanta's "Highpoint Magazine" calls Hotlanta "a trip to New Orleans without the hangover!"


The group has performed extensively since its founding by Don Erdman in Atlanta in 1990, including appearances at "The Famous Door," America's oldest jazz club on Bourbon Street in New Orleans' French Quarter, the Brevard College Jazz Festival in North Carolina, Piccolo Spoleto Festival in Charleston, four different European tours, a Middle Eastern tour to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, three Caribbean jazz cruises for Commodore Lines, and on NBC's miniseries, "Grass Roots."

Hugh Rainey of "Jazz Journal International," London, England, in his review of Hotlanta's compact disc, "Happy Feet," wrote "The front musicians are all accomplished and the standard of solos, so important in the Dixieland approach, is high ... a pleasing and promising debut album."

The "Atlanta Journal/Constitution's" Steve Dollar's review of the group said, "Jazz fans are passionate over Hotlanta Dixieland Jazz when they show off their revved-up renditions of everything from prewar New Orleans chestnuts to postwar Duke Ellington standards."

Other recordings include "Live in Spain" from a July 1992 performance at Spain's Jazzaldia Festival in San Sebastian and "The Saints," recorded in Atlanta for Intersound.

"Talk about HOT! Wow, halfway through the first song we knew we were tracking a pretty good outfit playing some real swingin' Dixie Stuff." - West Coast Rag

Performances include the Atlanta Summer Olympics, San Sebastian Jazz Festival, Spain, Spoleto Festival, Charleston, and a concert tour in Russia and Poland.


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