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Golden Gates/Moscow Nights - Biography

In 1993 the company Golden Gates was created in St. Petersburg, Russia.  Drawing upon students from the Author’s Aesthetic Music Secondary School, these children became the first members of the group, and they began performing at various cultural events, folk festivals and concerts throughout Russia and Europe.  Ranging in ages from eight to eighteen, the group now includes Russian and Georgian dancers.

A typical concert program includes songs, rituals, folk stories, audience participation, and dances that have been carefully researched and recreated in performance. The dancers will thrill your audiences with their skillful virtuosity, colorful costumes, syncopation of footwork, and gymnastic leaping of foot-stomping ferocity. 

Moscow Nights, an ensemble of talented Russian folk musicians, tours with the Golden Gates.  Embarking upon their twentieth season across the United Sates and performing in venues as diverse as evening concerts, arts councils, festivals, and school shows, Golden Gates and Moscow Nights are receiving rave reviews from across the country. 

"In a word - fantastic!"                           Cleveland Plain Dealer

"Undoubtedly leave a string of devotees behind you wherever you go, inspiring even the youngest of musicians to practice their instruments."                    Sterling Arts Council         

     “Fabulous as always & what a great group to work with...very easy!  We had a great crowd...
Keith Shafer, Executive Director, Tuesdays Music Live, Augusta, GA

" …pulled audience members away from their natural inhibitions and inspired them to sing, clap and dance in their seats"                The Marietta Times

"The performance was outstanding...entertaining...musically superb. The audience loved them [and their] quick wit and banter.  Even the rain which forced us indoors did not dampen the spirits of the audience."    Wildflower Music Festival

      "A true success. The audience loved the concert! It was a great mix of extremely talented performers, cultural education, audience participation, and pure fun! The guys really exceeded our expectations.”               Northland Baptist Bible College, Dunbar, WI

"... excellent ambassadors from a culture about which we in the United States know very little. They have a firm grasp of tradition which gives the program a significance beyond their purely musical value.
University of Colorado - College of Music















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