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Crystal Trio - Reviews

"Crystal Trio was amazing! The guys were so easy to work with and both the outreach show and evening performance were excellent. They have just the right blend of stories, humor, education and performance. We couldn't have been more pleased all the way around! Thank you so much! I hope that we will be able to work with you again in the near future!"

Cecily F., Greenwood Performing Arts Center


The concert was awesome!!! They actually got a standing ovation, and I don't think that's happened before for any of our concerts. The audience comments afterwards were very, very complimentary and enthusiastic; the Museum Founder said it was "spectacular!"

Randi Kelly, Museum of Russian Icons


The Crystal Trio performed at Old Town Center for the Arts in Cottonwood, AZ on Friday, March 13th, 2015.  The audience simply loved this group.  You could sense a shared feeling that this was something very special, from the night's first note to the final encore.  The sensitivity of the musicians, interpreting some of the world's favorite classics, on such unique glass instruments was exquisite.  The audience marveled at how the ethereal tone qualities were drawn from performer's finger tips and the deep tones created on the glass pan flute.

We would highly recommend this group to any presenter.  An added bonus was the deft and humorous interludes by emcee Vitally Bezrodnov - who gave an introduction to each musical piece.  His comments about the importance of coming together as 'people' with common values, rather than the misperceptions from propaganda and news media - was very well received, and brought the performers and audience closer - as they imagined a world of peace and renewed human relations.

William Eaton, Co-Director Old Town Center for the Arts


"The concert was AMAZING! I I don’t think that the audience really knew what to expect, and everyone was blown away. Of course, their instruments are unique and intriguing, but the trio’s musicianship and ensemble playing is just superb. They are very engaging performers, and Vitaliy did a great job of speaking. Several of us agreed that it was one of the most enjoyable concerts we have EVER attended. Thanks for everything!"

Sarah Hawbecker -Lutheran Redeemer Church, Atlanta, GA



 THE CRYSTAL TRIO was magnificent. They exceeded all expectations for quality, showmanship and humor. What a wonderful evening we had with them, and you, and I can hardly wait to have you back to, again, grace the stage of The Coffee Gallery Backstage.

The choice of music was perfect in all ways from the first note to the last.As you might recall, the audience listened in what could only be described As a stunned silence, only to break into super enthusiastic “encores” as the performance glided to a conclusion.  Then they stood and shouted for more, more, more!  Our audience is spoiled by the quality they encounter on a nightly basis and a standing encore is unusual. 

After they were treated to “just one more” the entire audience stayed for 45 minutes after the conclusion of the show to finger the wine glasses and ask how the magic was done. It was a performance that not only delighted ears but gave the eyes something they were not expecting.  What wonderful memories you gave us.

The Crystal Trio delivered what could be described as a “value added” evening of exceptional, well chosen music.  We all appreciated the stories of music and education in your country. What an all-around treat. I can hardly wait for you all to return.

Feel free to ask anyone who wants more information to phone me at (626) 794-2902. 

Come back to The West Coast. We need and want you.

Bob Stane
The Coffee Gallery Backstage
(Altadena/Pasadena/Los Angeles/Hollywood area)



The Crystal Trio were SUPERB! The church was packed (600 people) and everyone was buzzing about the music!!! 

Keith Shafere - Tuesday Music Live - Augusta, GA



"The classically trained musicians of Crystal Trio are bringing a very unique folk music tradition to new audiences around the world.  With their engaging personalities and expansive repertoire, their programs appeal not only to school children, but to factory workers and to symphony conductors alike." 

J. Chris Moore, Executive Director, Springfield Arts Council 



FANTASTIC!!!!!  I was so very impressed!  And so were all the members of my staff and my students.  The teachers asked the "Crystal Trio" for CD's and they all bought one with their classroom account monies!  I bought for myself as well.  They even had several of the children come up and try the instruments.  Huge success!   Thank you so very much!

Delaine Mcdonald - Principal, Hiwassee Dam Elementary/Middle Schools



The beautiful music was a blessing to us. Their repertoire was astoundingly beautiful, seeing and listening to such sounds from these gifted musicians was very good.  I pray that others would be blessed to hear them also.  Those who attended their concert at Cuyler-Warren Street UMC were indeed surprised and thrilled to attend such a concert.

Rev. Dr. Morris - Cuyler-Warren Street UMC





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