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Balalaika & Piano Duo

An acclaimed virtuoso in his native Russia, Yuri Shishkin now brings to American audiences the MAGIC OF THE BALALAIKA…

Yuri Shishkin on Balalaika and Julia Sydykbaeva on Piano, command an extensive repertoire that ranges from Russian and Eastern European folk to spicy contemporary compositions. With amazing versatility on a mysterious, alluring instrument, Yuri Shishkin rouses audiences past their reserved inhibitions and onto their toe-tapping feet!


IN SOLO RECITAL, Yuri Shishkin has been a major attraction in chamber, community,
and university concert series. With piano accompaniment and orchestra, Yuri Shishkin commands an
extensive repertoire of classical and modern compositions, as well as traditional Russian folk song arrangements.
Born in St. Petersburg, Yuri Shishkin began studying balalaika at age 7, starting a course of education that would lead to a major performance career in the former Soviet Union. He was selected at an early age to perform with known musical groups throughout Russia. After graduating from St. Petersburg Music Conservatory in 2002, Mr. Shishkin performed in solo recitals, taught balalaika, and he has been a soloist of known orchestras traveling on tours through Russia, Europe and Asia.

Yuri Shishkin is a unique performer on the almost forgotten and not very well-known instrument in the USA - BALALAIKA!

His vast repertoire ranges from Russian and Eastern European folk arrangements, to the classics, and to modern compositions, making him a versatile performer for classical, folk and general community concert venues. Mr. Shishkin also works with amateur as well as professional symphony orchestras, with a large repertoire for balalaika and symphonic orchestras. with a large rep ertoire for balalaika and symphonic orchestra

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