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Balalaika & Piano Duo Program


     An acclaimed virtuoso in his native Russia, Yuri Shishkin now brings to American audiences the magical sounds of the balalaika, a three-stringed triangular instrument considered the national instrument of Russia.
     Trained at the St. Petersburg Conservatory, Mr. Shiskin and his piano accompanist, Yulia Sydykbaeva, command an extensive repertoire that ranges from Russian and Eastern European folk to classical and contemporary compositions. With amazing versatility on this mysterious, alluring instrument, Yuri Shishkin will uplift audiences past their reserved inhibitions and onto their toe-tapping feet!

Program (subject to change)

  1. P.Tchaikovsky- March of the wooden soldiers (fr. ballet Nutcracker)
  2. A.Vivaldi – Winter part 2 (fr. Four Seasons)
  3. L.C.Daquin- The Cuckoo
  4. J.S.Bach- Scherzo
  5. P.Tchaikovsky- Dance of the sugar-plum Fairy (fr. ballet Nutcracker)
  6. I.Tamarin- Ancient gobelin
  7. J.B.Lully- Gavotte
  8. V.Andreev- Mazurka №3
  9. V.Andreev- Polonaise №1
  10. L.Delibes- Pizzicato (fr. ballet Sylvia)
  11. W.A.Mozart- Alla turca Allegretto (Turkish March)
  12. J.Brahms- Hungarian dance №5
  13. Z.Abreu- Tico-tico no fuba
  14. M.Jarre- Waltz (fr. Doctor Zhivago)
  15. V.Monti- Czardas



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