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9 String Theory - Reviews


“They were wonderful!  Everyone raved about their performance!”

Fripp Island, Friends of Music - November 2019



Temple of Israel, Greenville, SC - November 2019


“You are the greatest musicians to have ever played this series…..”

 Brian Renko, Allied Arts, Milledgeville, ~ GA December 2018



The Friends of Music audience was treated to a unique combination of Russian and American "native" instruments on Sunday, Nov. 13, in the Community Center. These were played by two masters of the instruments: Angelina Galashenkova on the domra and John Huston on the guitar.
Their program included a pleasing combination of selections from the late 1700s through to the mid-20th century. Among these were pieces by familiar composers, such as Boccherini, Paganini, Ravel, and Hoagy Carmichael. Many countries were represented as well. All of these gave the performers opportunity to display their musical expertise and the versatility of their instruments.
Throughout the concert, Huston revealed bits of the composers' lives and circumstances of their compositions, influences, styles. Ms. Galashenkova related some points about the domra and her years of training.
A standing ovation brought an encore from the multi-expansions over three thousand years of the various gypsy movements across the world.

Wickenburg Sun ~ Nov. 13, 2016


What terrific success yesterday! A small, but wildly enthusiastic crowd stood and cheered at intermission and again at the end of the concert, and again after the encore. What great artists and musicians they are -- Angelina and John -- and he is such a personable and charming presence that the audience absolutely loved him. And what artistry! They are truly a striking duo, with talent and artistry to burn. Visiting artists rarely sell more than a couple of CDs after a concert here, but they sold about 20, and that was nearly a third of our audience. It was a busy time of year, with a lot going on, and many of our regulars were absent, do we were slightly under our normal numbers, but the sanctuary has wonderful acoustics (as they may report to you) and the audience loved them. One patron sitting in front of me, turned and said "now Jack, don't be offended, but this is the best concert we have ever had on our series). He is an ophthalmologist who is also treasurer of the Temple of Israel Board, so that was absolutely great to hear!!!

I gave John a copy of the Greenville News article and it was a terrific interview he did with Paul Hyde, who has been a great supporter of our small series. The committee is in serious discussion right now about our future, but I am hoping we will be in touch early in the New Year and I know the committee wants to have John and Angelina back again. Everyone at the reception told them that :-)

Thanks again for you help and cooperation.



Date: 10/21/14
Functions Performed:

3 Master Classes (Advanced Guitar, 2 Beginning Guitar)

3 Concerts

                  9 String Theory came to St. Pius X Catholic High School last month, and astonished students, parents, and faculty.  John and Angelina’s consummate professionalism and passion for music has had and will have a lasting effect on those privileged enough to engage with 9 String Theory.  Dr. Huston arrived early enough to allow ample time to discuss the day’s agenda and familiarize him with our routine. 
The first master class was with the advanced guitar ensemble.  I had the students run through “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik” by Mozart and then I turned the class over to Dr. Huston.  Dr. Huston worked with students on phrasing and contrast.  His depth of knowledge regarding music history enabled the students to gain a new perspective on one of Mozart’s most popular works.  The master class was concluded with a student performance “Koyunbaba” by Carlo Domeniconi followed by a constructive critique from Dr. Huston.

After the master class, Angelina arrived and the duo started warming up for their performances.  The three performances that followed were flawless, exciting, and virtuosic.  Throughout the concerts, Dr. Huston took the opportunity to educate the audience as to the background and history of many of the works the duo performed.  I have had many prestigious guest artists in the past, but it is rare to have an artist who is both highly personable and incredibly talented.  The audience was continually engaged and fully enthralled by the performances.

At the end of their visit, 9 String Theory held master classes with two of my beginning guitar classes.  As the students in these classes are new to guitar, we decided to use the opportunity to hold a dialogue about the domra.  Mrs. Galashenkova discussion of the instrument’s   history was fascinating and very enlightening.  Mrs. Galashenkova was effortless in leading the discourse, and welcomed questions from the students. 

Overall, I would highly recommend 9 String Theory.  The duo has the impeccable ability to not only display their artistry, but to also verbally communicate their passion for music to the audience.  Whether on the stage or in the classroom, 9 String Theory excels at all they do.

Brion Kennedy, M.Ed.
Fine Arts Department Chair / Director of Guitar
St. Pius X Catholic High School   


9 String Theory appeared Christ Chapel at Holy Innocents’ on Sunday, November 9, 2014
as part of the inaugural season of the new Friends of Music Concert Series. Their
engaging program was beautifully played and conceived, with repertoire ranging from
transcriptions of classical repertoire to tango to Russian folk music. The intimacy of the
duo—a collaboration of classical guitar and domra—was a perfect match to the splendid
acoustics of the Chapel, which seats only 90.

And, while the music was both exquisite and exciting, guitarist John Huston added to the
program and connected to the audience with his informative, verbal descriptions of each
piece, for which he clearly has a passion. Domra player Angelina Galshenkova-Reed also
spoke effectively about the folk music from her native country of Russia.

Clearly, these two musicians each possess an extraordinary level of virtuosity and,
together, bring to their concerts a well-honed musical result. In particular, one would be
hard-pressed to find any voice of the de Falla transcription—originally for full symphony
orchestra—missing. It was all there! As one audience member said, “9 String Theory
does the impossible”.

This performance helped to set a standard for future presentations on the Friends o Music
at Holy Innocents’ series.

Fortunately, the artists of 9 String Theory live in Atlanta and there should be many
opportunities to hear them locally in the metro area. Bravo!

























































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